Italian Wine and Food

Vino Novello

Bright, lively and pleasant colour, typical of a very young wine.Intensely aromatic and fragrant, with strong notes of fruit, especially raspberries, and spices (cloves and cinnamon).

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Red Wine and food

Red Wine and Food

Food pairings and serving

Versatile wine, goes well with all dishes, either modern or traditional or rustic, meats, cheeses and seasoned pasta dishes, roasted chestnuts and savory pastries.
Excellent with meat and pork on the spit. It is fine also between meals, as a companion in a joyful chat.

Serve at 14 degrees in a medium glass. there's no need to uncork it in advance or decant it.
Best before the first 6-12 months of life.

Production method
The preparation of novello wines is called carbonic maceration or "aromatic fermentation" because, by allowing for only a minimum percentage of sugar to be converted into alcohol, it ensures the wine has a smooth, fruity flavor.
With this method, the grapes are placed still whole, not crushed, in tanks that are closed tightly after removing all the air by the introduction of carbon dioxide. Inside the tank a totally asphyxial environment induces the yeasts present on the skins to penetrate inside the berries to extract water and oxygen, thus triggering an intracellular fermentation process. The grapes remain 6-10 days in such conditions, depending on their quality and thermal oscillation, then they are finally crushed, letting out a lightly sweet juice which will conclude its fermentation in other tanks. The tumultuous fermentation ends within 24-30 hours, then the wine is tapped and, within a week, reaches its fragrant, soft and palatable flavour.

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